Easy to use, Responsive features, Mobile-first approach
Browser compatibility Bootstrap is compatible with all modern browsers

Menu or Navbar

A standard navigation class navbar navbar-default

Grid System

grid system allows up to 12 columns across the page

Easy to customize

Bootstrap Grid system has four classes - xs, sm, md & lg

Modal & Tooltip

Modal is a dialog box/popup, Tooltip is small pop-up box

Grid Settings

xs (<768px), sm (>=768px), md (>=992px), lg (>=1200px)

The Carousel Plugin

The Carousel plugin is a Slideshow

Our Skills

Sleek, easy to use websites are our forte. We can cater for any of your web design needs. All our designs are completely unique and by using the latest web based technologies we are able to provide a quick turnover. With 8 years of experience in web design we are able to work quickly and cost-effectively. Most jobs take less than a week, so you could be online quicker than you think!

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Why People like Bootstrap?

Powerfull Grid System

Bootstrap has one of the best responsive, mobile first grid systems available. It’s easy to use and flexible. It helps in scaling a single website design from the smallest mobile device to high definition displays, logically dividing the screen into 12 columns

Bootstrap comes complete with many reusable CSS and JavaScript components that can help to achieve the functionality needed in almost any kind of website. You just have to use some HTML to plug them into your template, with no need to spend huge amounts of time writing complex CSS and JavaScript. Plus, all these components are responsive, too!
Bootstrap is compatible with all modern browsers and Internet Explorer versions 8 and up. If Bootstrap’s instructions are followed properly, you can create a website design that works in all these browsers. Plugins like HTML5Shiv and Respond.js come as part of Bootstrap’s default template. These help in porting HTML5 elements into older non-HTML5 browsers.
Bootstrap offers many ways to customize its default design. You can override all of its CSS and default JavaScript behaviour. Bootstrap is even more interesting if you are a Less or Sass developer, as it includes Less and Sass customization options. These options let you smoothly create a new template using Bootstrap.